Oh man, that is just....

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You cant just make up random aggresive lyrics (that dont fit your voice at all) and decide to call it metal thats quite a narrow minded view of the genre, again its just ........

I LOL'd to death haha, nice!

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if this is some sort of intended joke, i've got to say, you're hitting this right on, kid. like, submit this to madtv.

if you're seriously asking for a critique, then i've got this to say:

1) learn some theory.
2) learn to break the theory.
3) learn to write music.
4) learn some technique.
5) that said, the intro was decent.

1) learn to write lyrics.
2) let the singer's balls drop.
Intro was too quiet, but seemed pretty good. Guitar started, too loud. Singing started. I laughed. Alot. I mean that with the most respect.

Find your own voice, don't go copying your fav band if you just don't have the voice for it. Find what sounds good with your own tonal range.