I'm a 19 year old guitarist looking to form a band (I'm very open to any genres - But recognizing that many UG goers are metal-heads... I'd like to stay away from metal).

I'm a fairly versatile guitarist whose favourite genres include; Reggae, Psychedelic Rock, Latin music, Blues, Funk and many more.

I'm looking for any other members, and I already have a vocalist who seems to be on-board with me - The vocalist also plays a great rhythm guitar.

We're looking to start off by Jamming and just having a good time, until we get dynamics down. Then we can venture off into more creative things. I don't think there are any dreams of 'making it big,' but I definitely want to do some small local gigs.

If you think this sounds good, send me an email:


You can also check out my youtube account, if you like (It doesn't have much)