I'm wondering how much they're improved the models for the X3. I was actually hoppy with the XT generation of POD stuff, but what I'm really enticed by are the inclusions of Bogner, ENGL and Diezel.

I was thinking of getting the Bean with the smaller floor controller. I don't have room for the Live.
For what I've heard, the Amp models of the Line 6 are it's prime feature.

Haven't screwed around with it a lot, but I must say that they sound good.

nevar herd bout that digitech but meh, will look it up.

EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t1btC7Ubus there's the Digitech.

Am slightly intruiged, but I have no idea how the price compares and I also don't know how the features compare.

EDIT: does the GSP do dual-tone?

Part from that it has a lot of features I like.
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'Practice amp' = amp you practice with? In my case, Peavey 6505+ and 4x12
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