hey peoples,
The volume pot on my boyfriend's guitar broke a few days ago, and I really would like to get it fixed for him. I don't know anything about volume pots. I was interested in knowing how much it would cost to get it fixed. He has a Ibanez RGT320Z Electric Guitar. The thing was almost 2 grand Can't believe it broke. Any advice is super duper appreciated!

It's a 5 minute job. Just have to buy a new pot, unsolder all the points from it, take it out, put the new one in, solder all points back in and boom.

What pick ups does he use? if you know. because some pickups require different rated pots than others.

And most places will charge more than necessary to repair it.
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Looking at the guitar model I'd say $10 or so for a good quality pot and 1/2 hr labour. DOn't know the going rates but labour shouldn't be more than $25 -35 as the pot's easily accessible.
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^+1 on the pickups too.

If you can solder, its a 5 minutes job, and a post costs a few bucks. If you take it to a tech it wll cost probably 30ish. My first guitars input jack broke, they charge 30 bucks, man If I had my time back.
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Wow thanks guys that is good news...I am glad it is so cheap to fix, maybe he can do it himself then.

I emailed Sommatone for the cost of thier repairs, just in case they do it cheap. he's gone there before and they did a good job on other stuff he needed fixed.

His pickups I think are Seymour Duncan's.