I got 2 NPD'S today the first is a Hardwire DL-8 for £106.00 the second was a Schaller Fusschweller F121 volume pedal for £11.00 its a very very old guitar pedal when Schaller were producing stuff for the first time in germany you dont see many of them around! Here are some medicore pics! I wont post pics of the pedal board because everyone has seen a black flightcase but i reccomend it. Its a Kinsman KUBP5 and its only £30.00!

Im open to any questions about the pedals!
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Those pics are pretty nice, actually. What camera do you use?

HNPD btw, I have a Hardwire DL-8 too .
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Greg what did you send me??
How many pedals can you fit in the Kinsman pedalboard and is it sturdy? and HNPD!!
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