Christmas. We all love it, don't we ?

Well, I love almost everything...but the giftshopping.
I have some male friends, and I want to buy something that will make them happy.
I'm a girl and I really don't have a clue of what to give to a boy...

Do you have any ideas ? What would you like to get for christmas ?

A Nintendo DS Lite
Iced Earth Horror Show shirt (If they even have any an existence)

Wait your not really going to get me these things are you?
May the Schwartz be with us! 2012


Q: OK, so do you care about the labels — nastiest, edgiest team in the NFL?

Jim Schwartz: It's better than the alternative — meekest, least aggressive, softest team in the NFL.

A blackstar Ht-5 and a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser......

.............or a cookie
They made me do push ups in drag

I'm gonna have a really hard time if we're both cannibals and racists.

Don't dress as a whore, he'll thump you.

I'm a firework, primed to go off
... to be loved.

And a Gig-FX Megawah, and one billion Ultex Jazz III's and a pick-gnome radar.
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either a Vox AC4TV Combo or a Marshall Class 5 Combo, preferably the Marshall
Apogee Duet
Fender '62 Reissue Jaguar
22-33" LCD HDTV
Mini Fridge
Some Vidjamagames
Epi SG w/ Gibson Burstbuckers
Epi Casino
Thinline Tele w/ SD 1/4 Lbs
Warmoth JM

Vox Nightrain
Marshall Class 5

Boss RC-20
EHX Q-Tron +
EHX Big Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker
Line 6 Echo Park

My PRS with SD P-Rails Build
New ibanez acoustic
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