I haven't heard any decent chuck jokes in a while so just post random facts whatever
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What if the way their wieners were positioned they could only pee into each other's mouths?

And one had his finger joined to the other's butthole?


Or don't. Yeah don't.
Chuck Norris jokes are so old that Chuck Norris Chuck Norrisses Chuck Norris Norris Chuck Chuck Chuck Norris Norris.
Bruce Lee > Chuck Norris

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

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1st grade up through 5th grade, the cool kids always sat in the back of the bus, so I never understood why Black people were so upset, I thought we were telling them they were cool.
I almost want to report you just because of how retarded these threads are.
Every chuck norris thread in the past got old in less than 5 minutes.

Come on guys what are we 6th graders?
This thread fails more than Americans at Weight Watchers.

Also Chuck Norris is just a ginger twat...come and have a go if you think youre hard enough Chuck.