GC offered to me a little while ago that they would adjust the action on my guitar for free when i stopped by. is it proper gc etiquette to tip the associate that does it for me or do i just say thanks and be on my way?
i would, its the right thing to do.

EDIT: and only tip them if they actually did a good job....
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I always tip when they set up my stuff. I haven't had them do it for awhile, but I think its nice to tip. Just make sure it was that person who set up the guitar, don't tip the cashier!
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Like everyone else said, tip the right guy.
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15-20% is usually solid, if that comes out under 5, round up to 5.
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I'd only tip them if they get it back to you within an hour.

otherwise.. i'd just say thanks, and be on my way.
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