Ive been digging that valvepower 18W, sounds really good from what i could find.
Comes at 300 GBP. Have some questions about it? Will it sound good at low volumes? If not can it handle an OD pedal well to play it at low volume?

Im looking for a JCM 800 or slash tone and the valvepower nails it pretty nice.
I am playing rock ,mainly GnR.
Could the Blackstar do the same tone aswell?
I like the Blackstar better just becouse it comes at around the same price but with a cab and is versitile,can play it at low levels.

Could you help me out with the choice.
Low volumes for me is room practicing - speaking volume or something a bit higher.
Could i get the slashs tone with only a gain settings on the amp? Would i be able to have good overdrive sound at low volumes aswell?
Yeah well i mostly play at nights when im home. So i can play it at shouting volume at most then not to wake my gf :/
But have you got to experiance the valvepower ,do you think it will do at low volume?

And if you can answer me, can i get the ~ same tone more or less with blackstar ht 5 ?
You have another thread on this, you don't need two of 'em damnit. Anyways, there are a hell of a lot of opinions in THAT thread, why make another?

Anyways, Valvepower, for the reasons already given there. However, I still think a Class 5 + OD would do better than either.
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Seriously....................two threads just to not listen to anyone????
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2 threads about the same stuff.

Get the Class 5 and the OD pedal, the Class 5 has a headphone jack.
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i've got a valvepower. i haven't tried the ht5, though. from everything i've heard, i expect the ht5 will be more versatile, but the vp will have better and more vintage-voiced tone. the vp sounds good at low volumes, the powerscaling/vvvr sees to that. it does sound better at slightly higher than tv volumes, of course, but most amps are like that, and i assume the ht5 would be similar. you can get overdrive with the VP at low volumes, don't worry.

i don't think i've actually tried a jcm800, but i have a fair idea of what its tone would be like, based on all the records etc. i've listened to which were recorded with one. I think the VP would be a bit more vintage in tone than a jcm800. if you're willing to use a boost, it'd probably hit g n r, i'd have thought.

i don't know about the class 5- i haven't tried it, either, but it's 5 watts without a master volume or power scaling. that's going to be a lot louder than the valvepower before you get overdrive, if it's like any other 5 watter i've tried, at least.

EDIT: I just noticed from your other thread that you're in the USA (or at least, somewhere which uses dollars). if you're not in europe, there might be better, homegrown options. postage is going to be a killer. not to mention, it's going to be the wrong voltage.
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