So long story short... My pedal case got stolen out of my car...

So now I have NZ$2000 to spend on pedals. And thought I wouldnt just replace them but put more thought into the pedals this time round...

Things that are a must:

A distortion pedal
A Wah Pedal
A Delay

So just after a selection of nice pedals that I should try out/buy. You can recommend anything lol.

You had $2000 in pedals!?
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how about looking into one of those 31 band EQ racks? it'd give you a lot of control of your tone
when you distortion do you mean boost or just youre entire distortion sound?
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I don't know what countries everybody is from, but there's a start.
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Yeah its not actually that much... Pedals are rather expensive here in NZ too... Like a simple Crybaby Wah is somewhere around NZ$500 bucks so theres a quarter right there.

Heres my current gear at the moment so that you can help me more....

Marshall TSL100 Head with 1960A 4x12 cab...

Have three guitars currently...

ESP M200FM with EMG81's (18v mod)
ESP M50 with EMG HZ's
Fender Strat

The only pedal I have left is my old Bose ME-6 (old multi I never use lol)
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when you distortion do you mean boost or just youre entire distortion sound?

Well I generally prefer the distortion of amps over pedals... But Id be willing to experiement a bit with any good ideas that dont have that crappy s/s distortion sound like most pedals...

Other than that yeah a boost like a TS9 or whatever is a must.
Save up some more money and get a Fractal Axe FX Ultra.
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Haha is that thing any good?

Long story short, yes. Many pros have replaced their rigs of boutique/vintage amps with an Axe-Fx because it is so much more reliable/convenient, and sounds pretty much just as good.
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Its not actually that badly priced either... So is it a amp?

Anyway back on topic.... Pedals... What would you recommend.
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Its not actually that badly priced either... So is it a amp?

It's a preamp.


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Dude, if You can buy an Axe-Fx get it. Then just get an expression pedal and You'll have everything ur searching for.
So ive been looking a few over.... Heres a little list Ive compiled.

Vox 847 Wah or a Crybaby 585Q
TS9 (use to have an old Tube Screamer)
Blackstar HT DIST X
Boss DD7

I think I need a few more effects ones like chorus and some reverb type ones but Im not sure....
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You have tempted me commit insurance fraud, just saying.

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