You will need:
Super strong sticky backed velcro
Wood glue
Rubber Feet

Though if it's only 6 pedals, you're not gonna need anything other than a bit of wood, rubber feet and velcro. because I don't think 6 pedals calls for anything fancy, coz they can fit in one row, I would expect.
you should probably make enough space for at least ten pedal in case you buy more in the future.
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depleted uranium. you never know when your pedalboard might have to double as an anti-tank weapon. sure, the cynics around here might say, "when are you ever going to need that?", but at least you'll be prepared for any eventualities if you try to break out some winger covers. And as an added bonus, it'll be so heavy no-one will be able to nick it.

ok, so that's a joke (just to keep myself right in case some retard tries it and tries to sue me).
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If you can find a small piece of Veltex that will cover your board, I highly recommend putting that on the board. It's basically the loop side (or softer side) of strips of velcro. Then, you can put the hook (rough) side of velcro on your pedals, and you'll never have to worry about if you have to re-arrange the board ever, because the entire surface will be able to hold on to the pedals. It's strong, too. I can put my pedal board vertical, and not even the heaviest of my pedals even budge.


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