I have a guy with a 1962 Gibson "les paul"(model)25 watt tube combo. It looks just like the "falcon" models.. but I cant seem to find any info on them. If anyone knows anything about them let me know.

heres a link to his post on craigslist w/ a couple dark pics

It's probably one of the amps LP designed back when he was Gibson's main player.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

I really dont have any other info on the amp.. Its not a big deal if I dont find anything out.
hes just trying to get some sort of value on it.. but like i said, it looks almost identical to the Falcons.. it just says les paul where the "falcon" name is
Looks like a GA25. 2x 6V6, and some funky preamp tubes. Tube rectified. IF it i is a GA25. Not sure, though.