I just sold an item for the first time on ebay, and it says the buyer has already paid for my item. I checked my bank account and also by paypal account, but it doesn't show any activity regarding the transaction. How am I supposed to receive the money? or does it show up later?
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Checked your emails? I haven't sold anything in a while now, and there's one or two other things you have to do after. Like send a receipt, invoice or something similar.

EDIT: Look on the account summary.
the money should come into your paypal ( if that was the method of received the money ) instantly. theirs an option to "mark payment as sent" for the buyer. he probably did that, and didn't actually pay yet. message him regarding the payment.
It probably just means they've sent the payment not that you've received it yet. Just wait for it (within reason), you'll probably get it eventually.
When I read this title, I thought OP had hacked ebay, sold it, and created an illegal internal system which robbed all shoppers of their PayPal money.

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Keep a look out for fake emails from "Paypal" saying that you've received money. All your transactions are recorded in Paypal. Never rely on emails - always check your Paypal account to be on the safe side.
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