Yeah that's right, I'm looking for songs that can be played without backing tracks.

Just like a Piano alone does the whole thing i wonder if there's songs like that for the guitar.

Preferably something around classic\neoclassic\blues ? thanks
I'm not quite sure what you're asking... You mean just guitar plain by its self? Like doesn't need drums or bass or anything to make it sound good? If that is what you mean anything by Hendrix.
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There are a lot of songs that sound fine without any backing tracks. I think most songs can be played without accompaniment if you can play it right. Having a walking bass line on a blues song would be able to do that just fine. Try browsing youtube for covers and look around.
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blues, and acoustic versions of songs
cliffs of dover? (if you can keep the timing right)
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Look into acoustic artists
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Bother by Stone Sour
Acoustic version of Pardon Me by incubus
Wish you were here by Floyd
Quote by !!NICK!!!
cliffs of dover? (if you can keep the timing right)

There are far better songs than Cliffs of Dover by EJ.

Wind Cries Mary
Bold as Love
Little Wing
Castles Made of Sand
Foxy Lady
Purple Haze
etc by Hendrix
Pride and Joy by SRV
Lenny by SRV
East Wes by Eric Johnson
Zap! by Eric Johnson
Manhattan by Eric Johnson
Trademark by Eric Johnson
Boogie King by Eric Johnson
If I Could Fly by Joe Satriani
Crossroads by Robert Johnson
Any Jazz guitarist also.
Bach composed a few for the lute that work for solo guitar. Bourree's fun.

Also, if you don't know Romanza Anonimo, learn it, it's one of those songs that you have to know.
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I don't know if you'll be interested, but I bet Sotto Voce by The Human Abstract would probably cool for you to learn. It's an awesome song and it will probably provide plenty of challenge.


Dust in the Wind. Epic song that's not TOO hard and it's always fun to play.
If you learn to play classical guitar then there are thousands upon thousands of pieces that sound good on solo guitar.
Quote by Banana Wedgie
War Hero by Rise Against....

There is a part with drums in, but hey? It can be avoided, just it isn't as powerful that way.

I'm thinking you mean "Hero of War"
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And as always, lots of learning to do!