is the roland cube 30x a tube amp?
if not, what is it?

im really confused, keep hearing the phrase 'tube amp' thrown about and never really knew what it was
It's a solid state modelling amp.

For what a tube amp is, check Google, it has all the answers to all your questions.
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what would be the pros and cons of each then?
for anyone who wants to be abit helpful
cube 30x = solid state

solid state amps use transistors, tube amps use valves.

i dunno the exact pros and cons or a big deal about tube amps but heres what i know:

the valves(tubes) in tube amps need replacing every so often, whereas the transistors in solid state amps dont.

however, if a transistor breaks its a hell of a tough job to fix or replace it, whereas its as simple as popping in a new valve in a tube amp when that needs replacing