First of all, hello there! I am pretty new and have been playing bass for about two months or so now. I have a long way to go but I have been told that I am pretty good for someone who has only been playing for two months (that does not say a lot I know, but it means quite a lot to me ).

Now to the reason I posted. I have an Ibanez GSR200 and a 10W practice amp (which I do not have particularly loud, maybe half volume on the amp and set pickups to full, as I have house mates who do not need to hear Boogie Woogie for the 5000th time). I have noticed that there is a significant clicking noise on the E-string, at around the 10th fret or so. I have adjusted my action but the click remains. I am almost certain that this high click is caused by the string clanging aginst the frets.

Basically my questions are the following:

- Is this normal?
- Is this me, or my guitar?
- If it is me (probably most likely), how can I stop it happening?
- If it is my guitar, do you think it's less noticable on the higher strings, simply because the strings are a higher pitch?

I should point out that I play fingerstyle almost exclusively (I find muting the lower strings much harder with a pick so have yet to fully explore it) and have only very recently attempted slap (but often cringe as I get ths click againg when the string hits the fretboard).

Thank you for any and all help you can give me.

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Have you had your bass set up by a professional? I would recommend that because usually what you are describing sounds like the string is hitting your pick ups
What you are experiencing is fret slap - a condition where the string slaps against the frets as you fret a note. It is the bane of fretted basses. Some people just ignore it, because the fret slap doesn't usually come through the amplifier too much (particularly depending on your gate and EQ settings). But it drives most bassists insane. The cure for fret slap is not to raise your action, but instead put more bow in your neck. Give the truss rod about a 1/8 turn to increase the bow and it should disappear. If not, try another 1/8 turn. Unless you've got a few seriously high frets or your action is so low it practically rests the strings on the frets, that should fix the problem.
Psyguitarist - I am 138% certain (yeah, I could back-track 38% and still be completely sure ) that my E-string is not touching the pickups in any way (other than the electromagnetic interactions required to make electrical signals for the amplifier of course). No matter where I hold down on the fretboard and pluck, can I see a string touch a pickup. Indeed, I find it very difficult to actually get my strings to touch my pickups. I have attempted to be as minimalist as possible when adjusting the truss rod, action, intonation and so on.

InvaderTSN - No, I am not striking downwards. I am lightly rolling my fingertip over the edge of the string (and then resting the finger on the string below). If it is a technique problem, then the problem is with my fretting hand as the sound appears when I fret the note, not when I pluck it. I try and press as lightly as I can and right behind the fret (less fret buzz and less effort needed to press it down). Hitting directly between frets seems to create the same problem as well (and requires more effort to avoid buzz).

FatalGear41 - Funny you should mention truss rod adjustments. I loosened the truss rod but a 1/8 turn about half an hour before this post as I worked out that my bow was in fact a little bit out. I shall check along these lines again tomorrow. If it is indeed this, then it is good to hear that it is not just me with the problem. However, I was kind of hoping it was something I could fix with my play, as opposed to a problem with my instrument.

Thank you for all your help everyone. I will keep you posted.