I am new to the whole band thing but I wanted to at least give it a try even though I'm still learning to fully grasp my abilities. I have never been taught and have never been in a band so any musical "talents" I have are purely from self teaching and what I skim through online. I am a vocalist, song writer (lyrics), & guitarist. If I were to rate my abilities on a scale of 1-10 I would say for vocals it's a 5, guitar is a 1 or 2 as I have barely started and can do very little. As for my lyrics, they have received great reviews by my peers and various readers alike. In addition to my musical prowess I can do some designs via photoshop as well as pencil drawings. While the work I can do in both is fairly basic, in my opinion, I do good work. It could also help with creation of band logos, merchandise, etc. down the line. The style of music I'm interested in being in band for is rock or some branch of it such as alternative rock. I will try anything though (except country, hip-hop, jazz or rap). If a band near or in my area is in need of my talents or someone out there would just like to start a new band and has the same musical interests as me then feel free to message away.