So I've been reading some of the topics in the pit and i have to say theres a lot of guitar hero (the real one's not the fukin stupid gaym) bashing going on. is it simply jealousy or what? i have read the December 8th wheres Dime thread and i have to say im really disapointed.

Dime was a great, revolutionary guitarist. he brought a new sound to metal. he totally surpassed mediocrity. and he wasnt overated...if anything underated. you want to talk overated. lets see, Zakk wylde, Kerry king, Yngwie, Dragon force, Avenged 7 fold, Tom morello, Godsmack, System of a down, Elvis, and Frampton to name a few. the first few i mentioned are good but theres no variety in thier playing. Dime had soul. his playing was deep and original. theres no one that can replicate his playing. i get a kick out of Zakk fans, his playing and musical ability is mediocre. simple pentatonics with fukin shitty squeals every other note. talk about booring. he had one good album (No rest for the wicked), dime had at least 3 or 4. Dimes style kept evolving as he aged. he didnt put out the same sounding mindless shit album after album like Slayer or Krapp wylde.

show some respect! the guy was amazing. Dime could put more feeling and flair into his playing than ANY of the slouches i mentioned above. so back to the tittle....if anybody thinks dime was mediocre, unoriginal, or overated is either deaf, dumb, or stupid. maybe even all 3 along with jealousy.

so a big FUK YOU to those who bash Dime. he was king, now all thats left is Dave Mustaine. RIP Dime. in our hearts you live forever.

: Dime bashers

**** YOU!!!