This 5watt tube amp has no gain on tap, looking for a pedal to play Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and maybe some lighter stuff as well.

Searches have led me to either the Digitech TL-2, Barber Dirty Bomb, and MI Audio Crunch Box.

Youtube vids I listened to the TL-2 had the best metal tone, so I'm leaning towards it as I'm more concerned with getting those tones.

Crunch Box and Barber Dirty Bomb have pretty good reviews, but I never found a vid with a good metal performance. They would both be more versatile than the TL-2, but I'm not sure they will get a good megadeth or metallica tone.

I'd really like to get one of wamplers' pedals(plex or triple wreck), but there is no way I'm buying a pedal much over $100 to play through this $80 amp.

(ignore my sig, this is going to be a gift for my brother -which makes gc availability a plus since it makes it easy for him to return if he doesn't like it)

Edit: Will be used with a Custom 5 pickup on a jackson performer
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I'd say grab the digitech the hardwire series is great.
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might be worth considering the tonerider one? haven't tried it, but hear good things, and i've got their chorus, which is very nice indeed. Assuming the distortion is similarly nice...
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The Wampler pedals are worth every penny. You may want to reconsider, especially if you ever buy a better amp in the future. You'll already have the pedal. It makes my VJ sound a whole lot more expensive then it is.
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