Hey guys, first song that I am for sure using for my new band.
Any suggestions? Any parts that you think are really powerful and stand out to you a lot? I know there is one part that needs work on the transition that is at bar 105 so if you have any ideas, please lead the way


The Semi-tech thing is really just because of the time signature changes even though it still plays like its in 4/4.
jesus lizard.gp5
Excellent job on the 9/8 intro, it flowed extremely well. Odd timing without being jarring. Happiest metalcore I've ever heard though. I really enjoyed this though.
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ya this is the happiest metal i've heard haha

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That could mostly pass as post-hardcore, or sludge based post-metal. If it weren't for the trem picked section and the 2 chug chug breakdowns.

It was simplistic and a bit minimalist, but it was great. The entire song flowed very well.
The only thing I think that could be improved is the leads and solos. And by that, I mean mostly the solos.
They need bit more punch to them, as they aren't all that memorable.
It doesn't have to be hyper-technical, but more accenting could go a long way.