Trying to get a good overdrive sound but really cant cause im not too smart with the settings can someone help me. Im trying to get close to the sound used in Hysteria by Muse, i am also running a chorus and synth wah. Can some one just help me with the gain, balance, and eq settings on the pedal please
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Hysteria is a Fuzz + Synth bi amp

You're not gonna get a tone close to that with an overdrive I'm afraid.
Best you can do is max the gain and make the EQ treble heavy
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Well, to my ears the ODB-3 is more of a fuzz than an OD, try running it after the synth wah first, and have the ODB-3s blend at about half way, then, I'd say a pretty flat EQ, as the ODB-3 has quite scooped mids like a Muff, then set gain to taste, that may get you somewhere near-ish, but the tone you're after is damn hard to get.
christ wolstenholme uses tonnes of effects to get his sound, so unless you've won the lottery or something, you won't really get anything close to the exact sound. i've found that the sound also depends on the amp you're using too
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With the ODB-3, you have to watch your treble setting. Tends to get fizzy, if you turn it up too far.

Try this:

Vol: 2pm
treble: 9-10pm
bass: 1pm
blend: 2pm
gain: 10pm
Not gonna get remotely close with the ODB3 im afraid, its not even good at what it is supposed to do, let alone good at things its not really intended for. I assume you mean the digitech bass synth wah? If so there are some videos around of people trying to emulate chris' sound using BSWs and a muff (often a big muff - though I would reccomend a bass big muff [obvious reasons]). If you did want to go for a bass muff then it's a fantastic pedal IMO, and for £50 will get you a lot closer to the sound you're looking for. Its probably about as well as you're going to be able to do for a reasonable amount of money, since chris uses a whole host of effects as other people have said, including the akai deep impact (discontinued, very rare, and run at about £400 when they do appear), 2 BSWs, a russian muff (also rare), and a lot of others, into several expensive heads, etc etc etc.
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