I dunno about chlorox wipes man, just buy some planet waves lemon oil for like 5 bucks, works wonders and lasts forever.
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im not really sure if that will cause any harm. get something made for wood like lemon oil. the clorox might be ok on the body?
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Depends on the wood and finish the neck has.

If it's a rosewood fretboard which has become both dirty and very dried out, a tiny dab of lemon oil on a microfibre inkless cloth is all you need - literally just the smallest drop, and rub over the fretboard in smooth, light circular motions. That should lift any dirt. If you have let the board get so dirty it doesn't lift off, well... you shouldn't have let it get so dirty in the first place.

If it's a rosewood fretboard that's just gotten dirty (but hasn't dried out) or if it's a maple fretboard, do not use any liquids. Just use an inkless microfibre cloth and lightly rub over the board.
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