i found a vh-140c head for $100 and cosmetically it is in mint condition and also comes with 2 footswitches, and the seller says everything on it works and sounds fine except that it plays at a low output volume for some reason. he's not sure what is wrong with it except that he's owned it for years and it's worked great but just started playing at a low volume. i know these heads are getting harder to find now, and a lot of them go for $3-500 or more. i'm wondering if it would be worth it to buy it and fix it? does anyone know what might be wrong with it and if there's a chance i would be able to fix it myself? or would it be hard/expensive to find someone who would know how to fix one? i already have a marshall head in the only amp repair shop around here which is taking almost 2 months now and i'd hate to queue up another amp to be fixed. what do you think?
Not sure if that amp is a tube amp, but if the power tubes have gone, that could explain the low volume. It would be fairly cheap to fix considering it's just the tubes.

Offer the guy $50 for it because it's broken, and then you can probably fix it.
nah it's an all solid state amp, seems like it is something wrong with the power amp section though.
It's solid state.

Sure, go for it. It's 100 bucks.
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if that's what the heads are called, then yes. it's the newer model from '93 with the new logo. my friend's dad is into guitars/amps and has several ampegs, i could see if he could look at it if i bought it too.
I dunno, generally SS amps are all or none. If it has major issues in the power amp then chances are fixing it will cost a lot more than the amp would be worth, or it may not even be fixable at any near a reasonable cost.

That is a great amp, and a great price, but SS amps are much less repairable than tube amps, so I would probably avoid it. Maybe ask him to have a tech check it out, and diagnose it, which should be about $40, then you can buy with confidence.
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I'm pretty sure those are stereo heads. They have two power amps, and it doesn't have a mono setting, so you have to have two cabs or a stereo cab to get full power. I mean, that's how my Crate G130C XLH works, and it has the same circuitry as the Ampeg with a slightly lower wattage.

You should deffinetly buy it, though and the problem might just be that only one Power amp is running. If its actually broken, and you can get it fixed for ~$150 It's still worth buying.
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