OK, so I'm looking for some advice with mixers, speakers, cables, etc. I am going to need a mixer that can hold 2 amp mics, 2 vocals, 5 drum and 2 for cymbals. Does thi mean i will only need a 12 channel? I see the mixers and the last two channels are connected or something and I don't understand how it works. I have a Peavey 14 USB mixer in mind, but I'm not sure. It seems like a good band for the buck, and I trust Peavey.
Now the speakers is really where I need help. Should I go with 12" or 15", how many should I use, and again, keepin it Peavey, I'm aiming at (now I know this is alot for a start but I want total) Peavey PV118 PA Subwoofers at 18" and 400watts (2), Peavey PV215 PA Speaker at 2x15" and 700watts (2), and finally, Peavey PV12M Stage Monitors at 12" and 500watts (2). A lot, yes, I know people.
Now cables. I just really need some brand name suggestions. Thanks Peoples!
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Mixer first, a lot of budget mixers have a few stereo channels, say six mic channels and three stereo channels that they double count so the claim is 12 channels but you only have 9 in reality. you are looking at 11 channels but inevitably will be looking at adding extras at some point. I would be tempted to go for a 16 channel mixer. Having said that you are planning seven channels for drums which is a lot. You could use a separate drum mixer and then take a stereo feed to the main mix and/or go for a traditional five mic route (kick,snare,hi-hat and two overheads) which would cut down your feedback potential and allow you to get better mics for the same price. If you are going to mix drums straight in the main mixer you might want to think about something with sub-groups so you can control the overall level of drums with a single fader. (obviously a dedicated drum mixer would achieve the same.)

Peavey make good reliable stuff and over here (UK) are seen as a good basic supplier but some of there stuff isn't the loudest (most efficient) and you would get more bang for your buck with Mackie or Wharfedale. Obviosly I cannot know what the supply equation is over there but you might be able to get highly rated JBL cheaper than we can making it a good buy. The 2x15's will work well as stand alones but unless you are really doing a lot of big venues (250+) use a high efficiency 12 or 15.

Running flying 12's or 15's won't make much difference if you are operating with subs but you should audition them both to see which sound you prefer. You're going to be spending a packet so your retailer should be prepared to spend time with you. You can audition PA's with an iPod especially if you have uncompressed recordings of your own band. I would go for active speakers by the way rather than passives with separate amps. With class D amps and Neodymium speakers and often built in Digital Signal Processing they give a lot simpler set up at the cost of a couple of extra power cables.

Performing Musician has just done a group review of PA over here
There are loads of reviews all over this site.

Good to see you havn't forgotten the monitors make sure your mixer has plenty of pre fade sends and separate monitor outputs.

I am writing a guide to PA in the columns at the top of this page but the article you need is still only in draft so have a look but you might find them to simple so far.

Thanks man, this helped a bunch.
I started to feel really proud of the fact that I was gay even though I wasn't
- Kurt Cobain
Might check out 2 to 1 combiner for toms.....has balance on it and frees up an extra channel.

here's one...can get for about $20

Oh, Monster Cables every time.....good stuff.
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thanks. ill keep looking around
I started to feel really proud of the fact that I was gay even though I wasn't
- Kurt Cobain