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What I was fixing....

Starting sanding

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Thanks. I caught it right after posting and started to edit it.

First post on here.

Here are the paint schemes I was testing- Red/Black or Silverburst. I wanted to rattle can it a with each on either side to find out which one I liked better.

Red and black won out- I let my buddy paint it. He did an amazing job. Here is a pic of it in the paint booth with the paint still wet.

I will post more pictures of the finished paint later when I have time.

I have installed the string furrels in it and bought some random parts for it.

I also started working on the neck. I don't like rosewood as much as I do Ebony so I tried to dye it. Halfway worked- hahah I'll have to put up photos so everyone can laugh. I am going to order an Ebony fingerboard from Stew Mac after the holiday season and start on that. I can't stand cheap Dot inlays.
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That fretboard was way too dry!

The guitar looks great. Kellys rock.
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Nice, I'm hoping to build some sort of White/Black Kelly in the future. It will look really good with the ebony fretboard.


These were taken with my crappy Nikon. I can't seem to get it to work indoors.

When I grab my Cannon out of the car I will take some higher quality pics.

I was worried about splitting the paint when I installed the furrels.
Very nice! Like the color selection as well.

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looks good Ts but i thought the silverburst looked better. Ive never seen a kelly with that paint scheme.
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I like the guitar in the background, where'd you get it?


I totally intended from the start to replace the rosewood with Ebony, however I wanted to see how the dye did work on rosewood.

I also planned on painting the neck black on the back.

Pictures below are more for laughs then anything else.

My hands were dyed black in the process. Use gloves.

New black string thu furrels from stew mac. These things are 100X as dense as the cheap pot metal ones I pulled out.

Stew Mac was great in shipping everything I have ever ordered from them. I'm sure everyone on here or at least most have used them too. Just thought I would share that little tid bit.

The guitar someone mentioned in the background on an earlier pic is a BC Rich V body art edition with an EMG in it.

You painted the neck pocket!!!

Dude.. protip-if the neck pocket was unpainted before the refinish- Leave it unpainted.
If it was painted, Leave it painted.
You're most likely gonna have some issues with the neck now... unless it was a loose fit?

Anyways, I really like the colour scheme, and i hope to see you finish this!

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My friend painted the neck pocket. He didn't know any better because I didn't tell him, and yes the neck will not fit now. No biggie- just a little sanding. Hahahaha.

I bought this guitar for 150 used, probably paid to much for it for the condition it was in. Chips everywhere, neck bent and crappy pots. (Adjusted the truss-rod and it was golden) I only had a week before tearing it apart. I wanted to throw out all the old crappy chrome/pot metal crap and install all black hardware.

I bought it only for tracing the body pattern for a build I want to do. Sadly it was put on hold as I am working full time and going to school. No time!

So I will finish this project and then start building my KE-1 after it is done.

Does anyone know where to get a tune-o-matic in black at a resonable price?
Personally, I think that looks fantastic. It'll look awesome once the hardware is all back on, and you did a great job of staining the board.

Also, I've seen a silverburst Kelly before - it was nothing special.
So after a year I ordered pickups and wiring, pots, screws and black hardware minus the tuning keys.

I bought another guitar so I could use the neck from it. I have NO time to mess with any projects...

One pickup showed up today, hopefully the other one tomorrow or Saturday. I have the Gotoh TOM bridge already.

All other components will be here Tuesday. I hope to have it at least put together, and maybe just maybe all set up by next Friday.

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Donor neck. (Temporary while I work on the one I removed, going to pull the finger board and do ebony)

Foil tape from Stew Mac. Easy to use but kinda sharp on the edges.

Almost done....

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Donor neck. (Temporary while I work on the one I removed, going to pull the finger board and do ebony)

donor neck my arse! as if you'd dismantle that!

kelly is lookin sweet though dude
180USD for that thing. JS series now has shark fin. Not sure what I'm gonna do with that body yet. I have 2 other necks laying around in various stages. I don't have time right now to play with them so I bought this guitar just for the neck. Baller. I know.
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180USD for that thing. JS series now has shark fin. Not sure what I'm gonna do with that body yet. I have 2 other necks laying around in various stages. I don't have time right now to play with them so I bought this guitar just for the neck. Baller. I know.

that's a JS series? I thought the join in the body wood looked a bit suss... That thing is sexy though!
You'll love this- I pulled the neck off of the JS and found sand paper in the neck pocket, they bolt the neck on right over it. I will have to take pictures later and post them. Looks around 1000 grit wet paper.
Somewhat finished! Still needs to be set up but I played it for a few minutes!

Where's the cat's tail?

Guitar is looking good!
But, you shouldn't take the neck of of that Jackson. That'd be counted as murder.
..I was watching my death.
Cat is a highland lynx. He has a bob tail and curled ears.

I need to find another bridge, this one is great but not the correct size, and the studs were 1-2mm in diameter smaller then needed. Finding the correct one sucks.

Fingerboard seems white- damn thing won't shine for long after oiling. I'll tray a different brand and let it soak for a few hours when the strings come off.

Initial set-up was very close. No fret buzz anymore. I bought a 6inch fret file from stew mac and ground on these. Polished up to 1000 grit. I will re-do the polish later.

Intonation was damn close. I got lucky when I preset it up.

Great sounding pickups! Pearly gates in the neck and invader in the rear. I can't to play it!
I really love that cat--it looks cool!

Kelly looks pretty sweet man, nice work so far!
Hopefully that neck comes around cos it really does look white in the pix!
That fretboard needs some lemon oil immediately
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