Thanks; I think the reason it made you think of that is because they both start with a descending minor arpeggio..... or at least I think it does, I'm bad at tabbing stuff by ear.
I love it all but after the third gutiar comes in it sounds a bit random, but I LOVE the first guitar!! :O
Overall it's pretty damn cool!

The lead work is really good, though if I were to suggest anything, it'd definately be adding to the bass and guitar's rhythmic parts a little bit. And perhaps towards the end working a little bit on changing up the melody of the lead guitar a tiny bit.

Then again, like you said this is not normally the kind of music you like, and from what I gather you're exclusively a bassist. In that respect, you definately did a great job on this.

Overall I like it, it's a solid composition and could end up sounding really impressive if you added to the variation a bit!

If you'd be so kind as to comment on my own composition it would be greatly appreciated