ok so Christmas is obviously right around the corner.

does anyone know if the ibanez exotic wood series acoustic electric are a good quality guitar?

specifically the Monkey Pod one.

i told my parents thats the one i wanted and yes i said based soley on the looks. (so you can reserve any comments)

but anyway yeahh any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Well generally, those guitars are focused more so on looks than actual sound. I'm not sure if any of those even have solid tops. Generally, newer Ibanez guitars aren't as nice sounding as they are looking.

When getting a guitar, you generally want to get a solid top. Generally the build quality on new Ibanez isn't too great...however, some people like them. just be sure to try to several guitars in your price range; Try some Yamaha's, Seagulls (dunno what your budget its), Takamine, Alvarez, maybe some epiphone...Just be sure to try out a bunch of stuff; you never know what you'll find.
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they're not particularly good quality. i gather the monkey pod top versions now have solid tops, although i believe they used to be laminate tops, so make sure to get a newer one. they have average build quality (a few drips and spills inside, occasional fret that isn't fully pressed into the neck, and that kind of stuff) and not the best hardware, although not the worst i've seen.
if you can find them used i'd absolutely recommend it. i had the zebrawood model and loved it. however, for the quality i don't think it's worth the price new. the woods are laminated, but the preamp is pretty decent, and feel is good, and i loved the sound. when i upgraded to my seagull i knew the ibanez wouldn't get play time so i put it on craigslist.
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