like your picking tones?

I go to position 4 on my strat with the tone knobs at zero and my gain, treb, mid, bass, and reverb on 8. sounds good for doing picking like sweet child o mine, or i'm alright by neil zaza.
mine is a typical metal setting. bridge pickup, boosted bass and treble, slightly cut mids, lots of gain.
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I'm not sure what you mean by "picking tones," but I really like warm tones though for a lot of the fusion/shred stuff I do, its kinder to the ears for a very harsh style of playing.

The tone i use most is this: treb at 3, bass at 5, mids at 9, reverb at 6 on my fender deville clean channel, and then use an overdrive pedal with tone and level at 9 oclock. If i want extra gain i will use a fuzz pedal on top of the od, set it up very dry sounding, as to not change the character of the OD, and more to just fill the sound out and add gain.

It works great on either pickup, I can get a very smooth sound out of the neck, but on the bridge I can still get that scream in the highs, i get these overtones in the highs that sound great in any position with this setup.

I spent too much time on my tone.
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the same EQ I have for when I use my bridge pickup, except, i just use my neck pick up instead. my EQ consists of some boosted bass with some slightly lowered treble and highly cut mids.
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Middle single coil or bridge humbucker, depending on what Im doing, boosted treble and mids, a good amount of distortion, and some reverb. Sounds pretty good for shred and solos.
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leads i play Bridge humbcker with both tone and volume set at 10 ...

solo - for fast runs and sweeps i use neck humbcker with tone and volume set at 10

solo - for other soloy stuff bridge mumbcker tone and volume set at 10

my amp settings stay the same.
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Neck or Bridge pickup for me, depending on what sound.
Effects: Delay and Reverb
Bass about 2 o'clock
Mids about 3-4 o'clock
Treble is usually cut completely or slightly up around 7 o'clock

Bridge pickup tone control is around 2 or 3
Neck pickup varies around 7-10
Tubescreamer for a lead boost. Gain nearly all the way down, level all the way up, and the tone at about 2 o clock.
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mine is a typical metal setting. bridge pickup, boosted bass and treble, slightly cut mids, lots of gain.

For leads you'd probably want to boost the mids, though, in order to "lift" your sound from the mix a bit, especially if you have two guitars in the band.
neck pickup, TS-10 (Gain ~3, Tone ~9 oclock, volume all the way), 535q on and slightly rocked back for more bass.
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I don't really have any designated setting for my lead tone. I'll use both the bridge and neck or both depending on what kind of sound I need. I rarely use my neck pickup by itself full on though, I'll typically have the volume rolled back 1 or 2 notches and when I use the middle position, I like to have the neck volume rolled back about halfway with the bridge pickup all the way up.

Otherwise, I'll just use the bridge, if I want a little less output, I roll the volume back, if I want to take some of the edge off, I roll the tone back a notch or two. All that straight into a JTM45 half stack.
My amp's eq set flat at 5 on all levels, except with reverb at 0. I then use a Boss MD-2 as a gain booster, and then add a slight bit of delay (nothing ping-pongy, just for a bit more clarity). I also like using the neck pickup because it sounds more fluid, not just for sweeps but also for three note per string things and tapping, i've found.

When I mess around with slow stuff, I use a wah.
I have my EQ and volume the same for both rhythm and lead as I'm the only guitarist in my band. I use a Big Muff + Boss CH-1 Chorus both on pretty much all the time (except for cleans, which means I use a Boss DD-7 delay and the chorus). So for lead, I simply turn on the DD-7, set to an Analog delay simulator with time, feedback, and level all set to 12:00, and usually my Jimi Hendrix JH-1B Wah as well for a kind of Jerry Cantrell soloing sound, and to help my volume/EQ break out of the mix a bit a la Hendrix...

I find that the more pedals, etc., you bring to your rig, or the more switching, or knob turning, etc. you have to do during your performance, the more you'll break the "trance" of playing and the more your performance will suffer.

So, I leave my Strat on the bridge pickup with a fairly rounded EQ setting on my HRDx: Treble - 6.5, Mid - 8, Bass - 8, Presence - 8, Reverb - 0. This smooths out the extremeties of the Fender sound (i.e. TREBLE!).

My Big Muff settings are: Volume - (10:00 to 11:00, depending on amp volume), tone - 2:00, sustain - 2:00.

I justify my constant high distortion volume (Big Muff = ON) due to my excessively loud drummer and my obnoxiously loud bass player who always seems to be competing with the guitar volume. He blew his bass amp speaker within like a month of owning it. >_>

I, too, spend WAY too much time on my tone.

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Depends on the lead tones I want.
For the lead tone in Buckethead's Final Wars for example, which is a kind of bluesy rock gain, I use the neck pickup with the series/parallel switch in parallel, tone rolled down to 0. Treble 7, Mid 6, Bass 5, reverb 6, and gain 5-6. Sometimes higher and I roll the vol on guitar down
For the lead tone in Buckethead's Redeem Team, I use bridge in series, vol and tone on 10. Treble 8, Mid 4, Bass 5, Reverb 7, Gain 8, sometimes with volume rolled down.

Keep in mind I'm using a Vox AD15VT for this, so I usually have the model being the AC30, sometimes the Boutique OD.

I want a better amp.
i have an array of different lead tones.

my favourite one at the moment is the neck pickup on a strat, with the volume rolled back a little (to about 7-8), with a fuzz face (both controls cranked) into my overdriven channel of my laney VC30, on a light gain setting with boosted mids and bass. On this setting i have to roll the volume back a little to clean up the sound, otherwise there's just too much gain coming from the fuzz face and it doesn't mix into the amp overdrive too well. luckily, rolling the guitar's volume down a little more and switching to the bridge pickup gives an excellent crunch tone.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
Bridge humbucker with single neck, I took out my middle pup to get this tone. Just adds a bit of balls, I have the neck pup a bit further from the strings 'till I got the right balance.

I use a 6505 for most lead recording.
I use a Fender Bassman, which is a one-channel clean amp (no, it can't the t3h br00t4lz, and I like it that way, so **** off)

I use a drive pedal with the Tone knob at halfway and the gain at around 7 or 8 o-clock (pretty low)

On my amp, I use the lower-gain input on the bright channel and my settings are as such:

Normal Volume: 6
Bright Volume: 2-3
Treble: 8
Bass: 9
Middle: 4
Presence: 8

All of the values above are in a 1-12 range, as my knobs go from one to twelve [insert Spinal Tap joke here]

While I usually just use the clean for most of my playing (the presence and brightness of my tone gives it a bit of grit), if I need that lead tone, I just hit my drive pedal and it gives me a nice, fat sound with just the right amount of dirt to it.

If you can't already tell, my sound is almost identical to CAKE and Jefferson Airplane

EDIT: also, I almost exclusively use my neck pickup, but if I need a little treble mixed in there, I'll switch the knob to both pickups. I hardly ever use just my treble pickup.
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