Hey UG was wondering if anyone had one of these Biyang effects and if they sound good. Biyang claims they use high quality components in these things but they are only 55 USD new. So the red flag goes up immediately. But then again some companies sale their wares at an introductory price to get it on the market. Anyway if you have any info about these things let me know
Yep I've got one. True bypass. Repeats are nice and warm. Oscillation is not to my taste, but apart from that, I've got no complaints. And from what I've heard, it's not PROPER analog, but it does a damn good job of emulating an analog delay.


And by nice and warm, think Blue Powder (by Steve Vai) delay. Not too clear, not too fuzzy. Just right.
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And from what I've heard, it's not PROPER analog, but it does a damn good job of emulating an analog delay.

I've heard that, too.

I don't have the delay, but I've got the overdrive, fuzz, and phaser. they actually sound really good, but if mine were anything to go by, the reliability is a bit dodgy. out of my 3, the fuzz broke and had to be sent back for replacement, and the phaser went dodgy for a while, but somehow fixed itself before i got round to sending it back (so i didn't, but still wouldn't want to trust it, kind of thing). If you're buying from a store with a good return policy and/or you're not gigging so don't have to rely on it, it might be worth considering.

tonerider would also be worth a look, a little more expensive (here in the UK, anyway, not sure about the US prices), but as far as i know they don't have the same rep for the dodgy reliability. i've got their chorus, it's very nice, and they've just released an analogue delay (which i haven't tried yet, of course).
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Haven't tried the delay...but I've had a couple of Biyang pedals in the past. Very well built for the money IMO. I used the Flanger quite a bit when I had it.