I decided today to try writing a love song. It's seems kind of cliche to me; I tried making as unique as I could. Any suggestions would be appreciated. C4C. Thanks!

Hey baby, have I done you wrong
Have I been like this all along
Did I really treat you badly?
I gotta say, it’s not like me

I can’t believe the things I’ve done
After all, you’re the only one
It’s all ‘cause you’ve driven me crazy
I gotta say, it’s not like me

It’s not like me to do you wrong
‘Cause I love you, I made mistakes
It’s not like me to feel this strong
Because you mended my heartbreak

I would give anything for you
My love, and even my life too
I’m crazy ‘bout you, can’t you see
I gotta say, it’s not like me

Hey baby, if I’ve done you wrong
I gotta say, it’s not like me
Hey how's it going? What's great about this song is that it's relatable. If/when you record it, I can guarantee that your listeners will understand exactly what you were going through. However, being relatable can only go so far. I can tell you, "I love this girl" but you would just reply "Yeah. So what?" That is, you wouldn't feel anything from me just merely telling you that I love a girl, I need to show you how much I love her. I need to give imagery, metaphors, descriptions, tone, flow, etc so that you can hear, see, smell, taste, feel how much I love her. Only then will you be able to feel what I feel and that's when the true connection, the brilliance of music comes into play.

That's what I feel is lacking from this song: the lack of showing. Without vivid imagery or metaphors, I cannot feel what you are going through. What I would suggest doing is twofold. One: put on some music that inspires you to write, close your eyes and just reflect on this situation. Just ruminate on it and sooner rather than later, some images will pop into your head. Let them swirl around and as they hit you, put them on paper. It's important to write as soon as you can articulate them. After you've wrote down all the images you can think of that have to do with your situation, go on to the next part: create a story. A song is essentially a story put to music. It's important to have some linearty in your lyrics; show us where you were, what has occurred, and where you are now or where you are going. In the case of your song, what specifically did you do to this person? What has this person done to express their anger or sadness towards you? What will you do, if anything, to remedy the situation? After you find the linear structure of your story, take your images and look for ways to construct them in a song format. Find a rhyme scheme if you want, make a chorus, write some verses. In my opinion, format doesn't matter as much as flow, style and content do.

Hopefully I was able to help even a little. Above all, keep writing. I fall into the trap of telling as opposed to showing all the time but the more your practice, the better you become. I can guarantee that. Take it easy.
here, My Dear, here it is
Yeah, I get that too. Like I mean I get the idea that you care for her but only when you've done her wrong and notice it. With the consistency of the verses I get the image your not changing, you reverting to hurting her or not treating her well.