My friends guitar has a floyd rose, the tension on the bridge is too powerful, even with the original 3 springs, I know something is wrong and when the strings get to about the 20th frets, they are touching, I can't tune it at all cause it makes a retarded high pitched noise, it's an RG Ibanez if that helps
how does the tilt of the FR compare to the guitar body? is it tipped towards the neck or bridge? if its tipped towards the neck, u have to unscrew the backplate on the guitar and tighten the claw screws to tighten the springs until the FR is level. tune, and keep adjusting these screws until ur in tune and the FR is perfectly level with the guitar. if u need to, u can raise the whole FR with the 2 big screws on the top of the FR right after the string pegs.

theres a full FR setup guide somewhere on this forum. it might help u more.
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I figured it out haha, I stuck an old sock under the floyd to bring it up a little and then tuned the strings up, took the sock out and it was all good. I knew the problem, I just didn't think more on how to solve it.
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