I'm wondering. I can get the HM-3 a bit cheaper. There was HM-2 going cheap in a local pawn shop and I didn't pick it up, kicking myself over it now. I really want that rough edge swedish Death Metal tone, kinda like Entombed. They used a HM-2, but I hear the HM-3 might be similar but "Ballsier"?

Can anyone comment here?
The HM-3 has a bit more gain, more control over the gain, and is a lot more focused than the HM-2, which has little control over the gain and is kindof fuzzy. The HM-2 is going to be better for what youre looking for while the HM-3 would be better for a more traditional metal sound (like Metallica)
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I had the HM-2 becasue thats what the swedish bands used.. Lemme tell you now unless you have a marshall (jcm-800) your NOT gonna get close. I tried it on my Valveking and didnt get it..

All the early swedish bands used marshalls. Buy the Hm-2 if you want the sound, but make sure you put a nice crunchy tube in the end of it.
I have a Vox AC4TV... it's not a JCM800 but it does have that British gain sound and it's a lot more Marshally than your average Vox.

I was thinking of running it into my Dirty Bomb, or maybe getting some JCM800 in a box type pedal and using that.