Not sure if anyone has messed with this or not, I figure with such a big community someone has.

Anyway I finally bought myself an electric guitar after about 8 years of stripping myself of any and all musical equipment (Long story). It feels so good to have a guitar in my hands again But I didn't buy an amp because I wanted to use my PC and headphones instead for a while to save up and research a good amp.

So I'm plugging my guitar directly into my PC, I did purchase a lightsnake and it works but not as well as plugging my guitar straight into my sound card. I'm also using Guitar Rig 4 as my "amp" and everything works fine except that sometimes when hitting one of my higher strings it just goes mute, I get nothing. Doesn't happen all the time but enough to annoy me a little. I wanted to find out if it was the way I'm connecting my guitar or if it's a Guitar Rig issue or maybe it's my guitar. I've watched some YouTube vids of people using Guitar Rig and it never seems to be a problem.

I went by Guitar center looking for something in a lower budget price range and found what seemed to be a decent deal on a good guitar. I found a Laguna LE422 for $140 http://www.playlaguna.com/models/index.cfm?model=le422hbt, seems like a pretty good deal even though I had never really heard of Laguna (turns out to be a Guitar Center brand, so says the salesman), it's a discontinued model and they had it on clearance. I really liked how it played and I'm still happy with how it plays, just trying to figure out the best way to play it through my computer. I've got a really strong computer rig so I don't think that is the problem except that it's an onboard sound card but I have a turtle beach at home in Mississippi that I'm gonna try when I leave St. Louis (have to live here for my double lung transplant, should be able to go home next week! Woot!)

So what am I doing wrong here? Where should I be looking for the problem, Guitar, Computer, hookup? I did buy a little 1w Fender '57 Mini Twin Tweed practice amp for the trips to and from Mississippi and St. Louis, I can just sit in the back of the car and play. The guitar sounds great through the little amp (And that thing can get pretty damn loud for a 1w), so I am thinking it something with the comp or the way I'm hooking it up.

Sorry for the book, I start to ramble and it ends up being a huge post. Any help would be awesome.
If I'm not mistaken, sound cards aren't designed for that sort of use so that may be why you're having issues. I know some cards are better for recording than others but you tend to pay for it.
Well that was why I bough the lightsnake but it can be a pain in the ass but when I finally get it working correctly I still have the same issue.
i think it's the way you're connecting to the PC, as celticstorm said, you're not supposed to plug in like that. I'd reccommend a simple USB interface such as the M-audio fast track, line 6 also do some stuff that's a little more expensive but comes with some cool fx and modeling software.

Also Laguna aren't a guitar center brand i don't think, we have them in the UK.
The input signal for regular soundcards are not designed to sustain a good signal for professional audio equipment. If you want to make sure your signal remains intact to the software level then you should invest in a good soundcard or a Audio interface unit.

You should go to guitarcenter and try to borrow an USB audio interface to test it out. They should be able to.

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Hmm...I'm not really a computer expert but I do know that for a system to render audio like that does require a fair amount of resources so if the computer isn't up to specs, that could do it. Is there a way to turn down the sensitivity of the program? I know when I record through my interface that if the input gain is too high it clips, so are you maybe experiencing clipping?
i would go for a proper interface like the m-audio fast track, you can't set the gain etc on that lightsnake and you won't get a decent signal.
I just tried GuitarFX and I didn't have the problem with the higher strings just going mute and I also have the sustain that I don't have in Guitar Rig. So now I'm kinda confused.