And It make me happy if anyone listened to it and gave an opinion. Ill return the favor.. Fancy That
When the ditortion kicks in you fall out of time, but you got it back. Overall I liked it though. I liked the way it was layered.
vouch the comment on falling out of time for a sec, just work on that a lil. also, I thought the tone for the distorted part was rly bad and made that part sound shitty. experiment with settings and see if u can get a nice distorted sound and work on ur tone.
It was terrible at the end I know.... Really bad... but I had a drum track behind it but I suck at the drums and that threw off all timing.... but I just threw that on there cuz I was in the mood to play it.... It was a one tack recording..... thanks though.. Im using a squire and my amps distortion is bleh...
that was really good.. i would definitely look into learning how to sing, or if you can sing writing some lyrics. or finding a vocalist/ forming a band

good stuff