I was recently given a Kona KS000 for an early Christmas present (really comfortable, good value, love it; though that's a different topic) and I only have one objection towards it. The tone is a bit too bright for my taste, almost "tinny." Do you have any recommendations for fixing this?

I've changed the strings to D'Addario Extra Lights, but that didn't seem to help. Maybe there is a specific type I should try?

Any help will appreciated
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surely using lighter strings is only making teh problem worse?
get a heavier gauge of string.
martin silk and steels are what i use to cut brightness on guitars. i was amazed what a huge difference changing to them makes.
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I'd recommend Elixir polywebs.

Isn't that even brighter?
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Yeah, i generally find elixirs are pretty darn bright.

Generally a heavier gauge, i.e. 13s, and materials like phosphor bronze will help mellow things up. Some packs of strings have a "mellow - bright" kinda scale thing you can look at.

A different pick might also help, the yellow tortexes are not too soft and pretty good for me.
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Isn't that even brighter?

Not from my experience. I find the nanowebs are too bright for my tastes but the polywebs (which have a thicker coating) tone down the brightness on all of my guitars that I've used them on.
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martin silk and steels are what i use to cut brightness on guitars. i was amazed what a huge difference changing to them makes.

These. Plus they have wicked awesome tuning stability. Truly unlike any other string available.

There is another string set out there that from experience has a much more pronounced mid-bass end, with less treble(equating out to less bright) and those are Dean Markley Alchemy GoldBronze. I didn't much like them, but they did indeed tone down the brightness of the whole guitar. It sounded much too gloomy for my liking. I much prefer a cheery, happy shine to my guitar(sound-wise of course).
I would recommend changing the bridge pins to ebony. That will tone down the brightness. If you have phosphor bronze strings on it I would switch to a non-phosphor bronze string. If you put on a fossilized Walrus Ivory saddle and bridge pins that would probably do it too and may improve the tone.