Comment for comment.

This is an original instrumental we wrote/recorded/mixed.
It is the first video we used an HD camera, and tried angles.

Constructive criticism would be nice. Thanks

Hope you like it!
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nice video.. nice song.. great harmony... Im really amazed from the video quality... the only thing left now is maybe to create more vid's like this...

maybe then u guys can go big...

check out mine?

Watching it now...
I like this intro...nice solo, I think a few things are a tiny bit late. I like the harmonies.
second solo, I like his tone better, you guys really musta practiced this, cuz you got is down. And these cameras are awesome.
Great ending, just expand upon the song and you've got it.
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Like the playing.. and the video quality is sick! Would you mind sharing what camera you used?
Wow, you sure have money the quality is amazing!

About the song, I think you should put in there a riff or two that are not too solo-ish, and make the drums a little bit more complex
Apart from that, I think the solo, harmony and rhythm guitar are great, and the lightning adds to that ambient very well
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