Okay, short and sweet my question is what loopers do you guys recommend. My price range is pretty pathetic, 200 dollars, less if possible.

Using it basically for what everyone uses one, jamming with myself and recording riffs I don't want to forget that I come up with on the fly, and for now using it when I jam with a potential bandmate, a drummer, as it helps to have the looper do rhythm while I'm singing and leading.
Boss RC-20XL.
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Care to divulge why you think this one best fits the bill?
Thanks for the response.
A Boss RC-2 would be better than the 20 I think. It's small, about $200, and is awesome if you're just wanting to record some rhythm then play over it. Good quality, easy to use
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Definitely the Digitech Jamman. I owned the Boss RC-20XL for a year and the Jamman beats it in just about every way.

They go for under $200 regularly in mint condition on eBay and craigslist.
I've looked at both and can't really decide... The 20 looks more versatile yet a little much while the 2 keeps it simple. 200 bucks is a bit much for such a small and simple one though. The Electro Harmonix one seems a lot more versatile and is only like 120.

^Ill def check that out.
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