Y'know, the ones selling "beatiful guitar just for you, from China!"

They had some pretty awesome looking (fake) Gibsons and stuff. I'm sure they were made from pure garbage but they did look pretty good.

So, what happened to them? Did they get shut down?
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They've probably changed sites and disappeared again for a while until another no0b creates a thread asking how come they are selling gibsons for so cheap and whether they should buy it or not.
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She practically had to beg Gibson to get arrested.

If she just left the Gibson name off the headstock she probably wouldn't have had a problem. She could just point people to ebay to get their own "unique guitar decal"

You realize that would actually make it a real guitar, not a fake one?
They are still out there. They come and go or change names etc to keep ahead of gibson lawyers and the counterfeit police.

Its funny with the effort they put into building copies then selling them for such low prices they could actually build decent guitars under their own brand. Agile has a pretty good business under their own name and many are cheaper than the knock off gibsons but higher quality.
jeffc313, that guitar got the screws on the headstock right?
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It's cheaper, more honest, and will get you a better guitar to just buy an Agile.

The interesting market for Gibson "fakes" is the high end stuff where it costs MORE than the real deal.
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