So Im looking at getting a new cab and Im looking for a lighter cab as my band often plays at a venue where you have to carry your gear up six flights of stairs (hence why its called Top Floor).
I was wondering if anyone knows any cabs which are designed specifically to be light and easier to transport
a 2x12 would probably get the job done and be a little lighter for ya
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Avoid cabs made of MDF, they're obscenely heavy and aren't as toneful as ply.
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A 1x12?
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I wish MarkBass had a guitar counterpart, their bass gear equipment is encredibly light-weight. I think within a regular budget, the best thing you could do is go for a 2X12 cab.
I think a carbon-fiber cab would be amazing if they could ever make one for under $5000
if i was going of a light cab i would do a dr. z 2x12 with 2 neodymium magnet speakers. it would be small, light and quality. that setup should be a fairly versatile sound, but wouldn't hack it for more extreme metal sounds.
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Get a roady to do the lugging for you.
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I think any good cab is heavy, give someone 5 bucks to carry it up.
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a 2x12 would probably get the job done and be a little lighter for ya

This. Although my Vader cab still weighs 70 pounds.
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