I resently I bought a Crate Electra bass from a friend of mine for $125 (US). The action was so low the strings were tuching the fretboard, but here's what I don't understand, after I lifted the bridge the string whenever I pluck it it rattles, it's not fret buzz and it's not comming from the bridge, but it sounds almost like it's comming from the string itself does this make anysence??
The most likely explanation is that the bass wasn't stringed properly. If the break angle at the nut isn't severe enough then the string will not sit tightly in its place at the nut and will vibrate against the nut. Try loosening the strings and then rewinding them from top to bottom, that will improve the break angle and should solve the problem.
Nope, that's not it. I had the strings on the way you described them alredy, but I took them off anywase and I shook the string and could still hear it rattling. Could it be the string itself??
I cannot say I know a lot about these sorts of things, but could it be that the overwinding has come lose from the core somewhere? Would that not cause the string to rattle, even when removed from the bass?