So I still consider myself a "newbie" when it comes to writing my own stuff, but this is a song i wrote about a week or two ago. It's one of my most complete pieces, and i'm always looking for improvement. Tell me what you think! As always, C4C
easy to listen to... nice

nice recordin too I guess.. I think a better ending can be done in that song... thats what I think...

check out mine

I liked this; any intentions of doing a full-band version? I think it could sound great with a softer drumbeat starting in at about 0:25, and then switching to overdriven guitar and adding bass at about 0:49, or 0:52. Just thought it was something you could think about.
Yeah, I was thinking about making a full band version. My friend who helped me do this (he played 2nd guitar) thought we should do it too. Next recording session I have with him we may do it.
I agree that it could use some soft drums, but don't go away from the original by adding distortion guitar riffs to it. Maybe just the solo, because it gets really lost in the background. I like your playing style and it's composed really well. It's a good song, the only thing that could use work is the solo and the timing of the vocal harmonies.

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