I have a Fender Frontman 65R and when I have distortion on, after a few seconds (happens randomly), the distortion will shut off and the amp will go quiet (I can still faintly hear it through the amp).

This to me, fixes when I tap the lead jack that goes into the amp, and it returns to normal, until another random moment.

I've tried multiple leads and have had the same problem, so I don't think it's a lead problem. I'm thinking it may be the input jack.

Anyone know how to fix this problem? Thought I'd ask here just in case someone else has had the same problem and fixed it.

Thanks UG
are you sure its not the cable?
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It's an FM65R not an FM25R if that makes a difference.

What do you mean by replace U2? And yes, I've tried 3 different cables, all seem to be the same (therefore, narrowing it down to not being a cable problem).
I can verify for a fact it aint the lead. There's no way I can verify the guitar because this is the only amp I have to try it on..

Though, do you reckon it will be the amp due to it "working" again after the problem has happened, when I touch the end of the lead (the part that's plugged into the amp)?
magna_nz - I recognize that you need help but try not to start the exact same thread in multiple forums.


Invader Jim is onto something. Listen to him. You are in good hands here
Sorry Just at first I thought this subforum was inactive .

Invader Jim, can you please tell me in lamens terms what you think the problem would be, and how to solve it easily?

Thanks for all the help I've had so far, been much appreciated.
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Jim thinks it might be one of the IC chips. The designation on the schematic is U2.
I'm not 100% certain that applies to your amp. It might, if they are the same basic design, but the 65R is only different in the power amp section.

The other possibility that kinda screams out here is a poor solder joint on the printed board. The problem goes away when you disturb the jack, physically.
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sorry, i thought you said 25R. That was in lamens terms. I have no idea what causes it or why it does that, all I know is that it's happened to me with several effects and a couple of mini amps. i replaced the IC and it was fixed. sorry i cant be more descriptive, but that's all i know.
Would it be best to take it into a music store if I don't know what I'm doing?

Hopefully it won't be too expensive.