So, news is going around that Froosh has left RHCP. This time around it seems like there was a bit of expectation that this was gonna happen... and the band had apparently been talking about it for a bit. It seems to be a mutual decision... and the band seems to have been giving much more notice than his last leave. Anyways Josh Klinghoffer is replacing John... and has been working with RHCP since October apparently.

So, what do you think about John leaving? What do you think about Josh?

Personally I like Froosh's solo stuff as much, maybe more, than his RHCP stuff. I'm hoping being 'free' of RHCP will allow him to further advance his solo work. The Empyrean is proof enough that unconstrained Frusciante makes amazing things... though all his albums are good.

About Klinghoffer... I've never seen him as a good, or even decent guitar player... but as a musician I think he's good.

So, what say ye?

edit: also, IMO, RHCP can't go on too much longer anyways. Chad's gettin old and has a family, blazary's getting old/ has a family/ and is running a music school... Froosh though, is still real young... and has tons of potential left! Just my opinion though...

edit2: Will you look at RHCP the same? You think they'll fail like they did with Navarro? Will it ever be the same?
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When I heard about this I was shocked. He's the reason I play guitar and RHCP are the first band I started listening to seriously.
If he really is leaving, then of course whatever we want to happen isn't going to change anything...
IMO I like RHCP more than his solo work, I do appreciate it but RHCP are just more fun to listen to.
I hope this is the right decision for him and for everyone else in the band though.
I don't think this new unknown guy would be the best for the job. What's their original guitarist doing these days?
original guitarist = Frusciante? He's doing more solo stuff these days, since RHCP took a 2-year hiatus. I always thought they'd all get back together at the end of it though.

I think Klinghoffer's worked with Frusciante on something if I remember right, never heard it though.
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I don't think this new unknown guy would be the best for the job. What's their original guitarist doing these days?

Hillel Slovak has been dead since '88.
Klinghoffer's worked with Froosh a lot on his solo albums + Ataxia. They didn't fail with Navarro either, OHM is a sick album.
^^ agreed, it bugs me when people assume it's a bad album just because Frusciante wasn't in it.

Having said that, I was really looking forward to the new album in June. Do you think him leaving would push the release date or was this all planned ahead of time and were they all ready for it..
I'd say the album would be pushed back pretty lengthy if it happened at all anymore. I'm not sure how expected it was since Froosh apparently joined them for some jams, but he's seemed pretty reluctant to rejoin the Peppers since the break.
John Frusciante is my favourite guitarist. I would prefer it if he stayed in the band but if he continues to make amazing solo albums and Josh or whoever replaces John works well with the others then I don't see the problem. It would be a shame if they had some petty falling out, but it doesn't seem the case, it just seems that it's time for a new direction which is cool.
god it sucks i just found out (as a die hard fan i feel like somebody just told me my dog died)

the reason RHCP were so good (well one of the main reasons) was the relationship between flea & frusciante.
thanks to frusciante we have the likes of the big hits ''californication, under the bridge, scar tissue'' which were nearly left off their albums till john found the right tune (doesnt apply for scar tissue)
& the reason Hillel worked with flea was because he too was unreal for a funk/punk guitarist (who was a major influence on Frusciante who basically continues Hillels work).
RHCP are the reason i initially picked up guitar but went to bass (i always wanted to play bass flea is still one of my favoruites) BUT what really annoys me is i wasn't old enough to see them live in slane in ehh was it 04 or 06?? so i'm BUZZING to see them tour with their new album.
however losing frusciante is bad bad news.
im all up for change in a band & i will continue to love RHCP but i cant see rodriguez/josh playing frusciantes songs.

it just wont be the same
''the day the music died AGAIN''
It hasn't actually been confirmed that he's left though has it, it's just a "source"saying Josh has been playing with them for a couple of months, so there is still hope that at some point before the new album John will get back with them.
Josh in on most of Froosh's albums, and worked on 'Ataxia' with john. And the 'fail' I refered to wasn't as much the music as it was the state of the band. Keides, Blazary and smith all agreed once John came back that it was meant to be. John, Flea, and Chad all have such a connection... which can be heard during their jams. They all said having anyone other than John makes the band seem rigid, boring, and incomplete... John seems so right for the band... but I guess it isn't gonna happen.

I'm just glad this was more mutual... from what I've heard Josh has been working with RHCP since october. I'm gonna have to wait for the official statement from the band to see how it's going...
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I don't think this new unknown guy would be the best for the job. What's their original guitarist doing these days?

Hillel's been dead for quite some time now.

RHCP have done fine without Frusciante before, but they've always been better with him. The guy's a genius. I'll have to see about Josh. I heard good stuff about him, but I haven't actually listened to any of his music.
It seems strange to announce a new album and a live date next year without announcing John has left the band.
Yeah... maybe it's a rumour... No official word yet! We've been given the unofficial "Very reliable sources" thing... so we won't know till the band/agent comes out saying so.

I've got to say if I wanted anyone to replace john it would be josh... and frankly Froosh can now spend more time working on his own thing you know? (assuming he has left)

Though RHCP wouldn't be the same without him... that doesn't mean they'll be worse, or better. We'll have to wait and see...
One possibility is that Josh is recording with them as a second guitarist, and John is a 100% involved. People have been blogging about Josh playing with the Chili Peppers, and these websites have took a gamble with the our "source" says John has left.