Whatever feels good for you with the tuning and setup you have with your guitar. There's not "best" anything. Everyone will have their own opinions
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Try out as many as you can. I like DR Rare strings and Ermie Ball pure nickel but other people use other brands. That's why there are so many different brands and types.
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Asking what kind of strings you should use is kind of like asking what flavor of ice cream you like. I like mint chip, but that doesn't mean anything to you.

9s or 10s are standard, I'd start with a pack of each in D'addario and ernie ball, so each time you change strings you can try something new. Once you figure out which gauge you like you can experiment with some of the less standard brands and types.
I actually do like mint chip, actually! Haha. But yeah, I was essentially wondering if a certain type of string suited/went well with a certain guitar more. But thanks guys! Now I know.
There's not really a wrong answer, just stay away from flatwounds and .13s for now.