Ok, so Christmas is coming up soon and I'm planning on getting a guitar pedal or two. I will probably get a tuner pedal and a delay pedal. I had decided on the MXR Carbon Copy, but now I just don't know. My mind is kind of split between a Carbon Copy and a Memory Man. I was thinking about the Carbon Copy because it was analog and i didn't really think I would need any more delay that 600ms. But.... now I'm just not sure anymore. The idea of a tap and extended delays and other stuff sounds like a pretty good idea. What is UG's opinion on the best dalay pedal. It isn't limited to those two, but those are the two I have in mind and am most likely to consider.

Information that you might find useful: I am definitely willing to go used, I actually plan on it. I mostly play rock, grunge, blues, and alternative type stuff. My current setup is as follows: Homemade Telecaster Deluxe with two Seymour Duncan humbuckers. Peavey Classic 30 amp, Vox 847A wah pedal, Visual Sound Route 66 OD/Compressor, and last but not least a Electro Harmonix Small Clone chorus pedal.
Well the memory man has a hell of a lot more versatility, If money wsas no issue I'd probably take that
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MM is much better than the CC. It can do what the CC can and more. It's 3 times as big though haha.
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Quote by hendrixftw
Well the memory man has a hell of a lot more versatility, If money wsas no issue I'd probably take that

not to mention it sounds better.
I like my carbon copy. never used a memory man.
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MM has always sounded pretty bright to me. I can dig that, but I'm more one for a subtle in the background delay with a little bit of modulation. If your into what I'm into, check out the T.C Electronics Nova Delay.
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I definitely want tone, and if awesome features come along with that then all the better. I thought that the tap feature would be pretty cool.
Quote by nightraven
which memory man are we talking about here?

if it's the deluxe one - hell yeah that thing destroys the carbon copy
if it's the hazarai - depends if you want features or tone

Ooo, good point.

I had the deluxe in mind.
Haz is a neat little spin, but an altogether different kinda' delay.

TS, the DMM (black & gray one) is a more expensive, more lush and warmer, not muddy version of a CC.

cheaper or better? tough call.