Evening, Pit.

I'm looking into reading/writing/speaking Japanese. Does anyone know it? If so, how can I learn it? How long will it take? Anything I should know? Any free websites/software that will help me? If so, thank you.

I really don't understand anything about it. From what I DO understand, There is "Kana" Whick is made up of 2 alphabets, "Hirigana" and "Katakana". That's just basic research. I know nothing about the language, and if I'm wrong about that than tell me

Anyways, thanks for any help!
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Obtain the Japanese version of Rosetta Stone through whatever means necessary. Learn whatever the software has to offer. Then you will have a basic understanding of how the language operates. Then you can hit up your local libraries and dig through the books there. Actually, your local libraries probably have DVDs or VHSs for language learning.
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I hear Rosetta Stone is very good for learning new languages. I also recommend taking classes as getting the pronunciation right without a teacher is damn near impossible.

How long it takes you is up to you and how much you study/how fast you are able to learn. It is a hard language to learn and master for anyone outside Asia.

You heard right about the two 'alphabets' They are pronounced the same but look different and are used differently. Katakana has harsher lines and looks more.....'sharp'?

Then there is Kanji- derived from chinese characters which is a whole other can of worms which going into now wont help you. Start off with looking into taking some classes and investing in learning material.

Good luck!
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This is a free site, with courses in a number of languages, including Japanese. I've been using it myself to learn German, Finnish, and Japanese, and recommend it.

Rosetta Stone is also supposed to be good, so if you could obtain that and give it a go too.
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There are three writing methods. Two are fairly simple and easy to learn, the other really isn't. Also, you have to learn different sentence structures and the such. I'm taking Japanese and am in Japan right now, ask if you have any other questions. It's not as hard as people say
I'm a japanese native, and the best way I think is for you to just watch a bunch of movies/shows in japanese and just get used to the language, and the general flow. Then move on to writing/reading, but like what everyone said rosetta stone should help.

PS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c61nBFGXrYU
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I learnt it for several years in primary and high school. My advice is immerse yourself in it, have constant reminders through your day as your vocabulary grows so that you can think of what you would say in Japanese to any particular situation. Have reminders on your walls in your room. Practise writing, and have fun with it. It's not all hard work.
I actually just finished with my 4th quarter of Japanese at Ohio State. It's really really interesting as a language. It's complicated at first, and you really have to start at the beginning because all of the later structures build off of one another. So I really think that you need to take classes to get the full grasp of it. I really neglected studying and didn't put a lot of time into it, but I can speak it somewhat fluently. I also understand things much quicker than most people though. You just have to remember to say words in Japanese rather than how you think they should be said. Like the main thing that would piss me off is when people would say "arigato" like AIR E GOT O. It takes a lot of time and dedication if you really want to become fluent. So I suggest taking classes and if you possibly can, immerse yourself in the language...Avoid any other language if you possibly can and that will really kind of force you to adapt and learn...If you have any other questions feel free to ask me. There's so much more lol.
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This guy says he learned Japanese in 18 months.


This guy is amazing, I'm learning Japanese now thanks to him. It's a ton of fun to learn, and it's not as hard as people make it out to be, though it will take a long time. Don't expect to walk away fluent in 18 months unless you're willing to devout your entire life to Japanese, haha.

Go read the entire blog, nao.
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Learning japanese, I think I'm learning japanese, I really think so.
Learning japanese, I think I'm learning japanese, I really think so.
Learning japanese, I think I'm learning japanese, I really think so.
Learning japanese, I think I'm learning japanese, I really think so.

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