Hello all,

This is my very first post on the forums, though I have lurked for a while in the backgrounds as a reader.

A little background on myself first... I have 2 degrees in music(BA in Music and Music Technology) from the University of Alabama at Birmingham(UAB). After finishing college I moved out here to Orange County, CA in January 2007 to pursue work in the industry. I landed a full time gig as a composer in the video game industry, and have remained in that industry to this day, love it!

During college I was in a band that was signed to a developmental deal with a major label and we went through that whole process for a few years. The basic story... singer met a girl, got married, everything we worked for went out the window lol.

Anyway, due to that... once I moved out here to Southern Cali I began working on my first solo project. I played every instrument on the album, produced, engineered, mixed, etc... the whole thing all by myself. It is literally a 1 man project in all aspects.

So I thought I would put it out there for critique from you guys. It was recently released on iTunes and has done fairly well. It has had great reviews so far from various websites, and I'm very proud of that.

So if you would be so kind as to take a listen to a few tunes and give me your thoughts, that would be great!


The background of the album is explained in a video interview I did for one of the local papers at:


There are also a ton of other live videos of myself on the myspace page.

If you want to see the iTunes page just search for my name "Adam Smith" in the store. The album title is "I-IV-V", but it is anything but standard 145 music.

For guitar work you can check out the song "Open Hands", there is a dual guitar solo(1 acoustic, 1 ele) towards the end that I'm extremely proud of. Also, a pretty cool slide solo at the end of "The Final Movement".

Thanks for the feedback!

I'll leave you guys with a pic from a show I played in Hollywood last night.

Adam Smith