I'm primarily a guitarist, so I have most of my money invested in guitar related equipment. That being said, a pretty good local band is looking for a bassist, and I am thinking of trying out, since I taught my current band's bass player everything he knows, so I've learned quite a bit since we started. The problem is I only have a little practice amp because I dont play bass in a band. If I join this band, I will need an amp for decent sized clubs, basically where as a guitarist I use a 100 watt half stack. What type of bass amp should I look into for this situation? the band is alternative/hard rock, and my budget is under $400, but quality is important to me so a little over wont hurt
Any Acoustic cabinet will do you well.
I play with a Behringer BRX1800H Head and I like it. It pumps out 100 Watts of great sound and I paid about 380$
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Behringer BRX1800H
Acoustic B115
Asher Custom 2x10
ok thanks man do you know anything about acoustic heads? I've seen some for pretty cheap and i was wondering if theyre any good
i don't know anything about acoustic heads.. but if you happen to be in canada and can snag a yorkville bass head.. they can go for about $400 used CAD, and sound awesome.

i had one for a number of years, it put out 400 watts, 12 band EQ, contour limiters, 2 cab outs and reliable as HELL. Had it plugged into a 4x10.

in one band i was in it kept up to a 5150 halfstack and a 5150 combo, as well as a triggered drumkit.
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