I purchased a Jackson 7 string guitar from a pawn shop for 200 dollars even. I talked the guy down from 300 because of a small crack in the head stock and a missing machine head. But heres the deal. There is no model number, Not even an indication of what country it was made. Its a rather heavy guitar. I believe it would be a mahogany body. But im no wood expert. Heres the the details.

Jackson Reverse headstock.
Sparkly red color.
Duncan Designed Pickups.
String-Through body.
250k sized pots, marked b500k for volume and tone is un readable.
Serial number 0007060, stamped into the neck plate, no jackson logo on the neck plate.
22 fret rosewood fret board with a maple neck.
Les paul style 3 way pickup selector.
I believe its a DK body, not a Soloist.
I cannot include pictures but i can include a link that has a picture of it on my myspace.
Its open for anybody to see. Wether you have a myspace or not.


I have emailed jackson and gave them a description and the serial number of the guitar and they found no guitar in there current database. Could that mean its a Fake guitar Made in china!?
Have i gotten ripped off? Or should i go on with the plan of getting it re wired with new electronics and out fitted with Grover mini Trophies like my other guitars?
Please give me your input! I have tired to find the model and make of this guitar for months now. And i haven't even gotten to play it =[ Please help me out!
If you wish to contact me through aim then my screen name is IPissPureOctane.
My myspace would be included with the link to the picture.
My email is juggaloinvader@yahoo.com.
Thank you for your time.
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what pups are in it

Duncan Designed pickups.
im looking to swap them out for A better passive set.
And get new pots too. Possibly push/pull.
I'm the musical equivalent of driving a Sherman tank to work.
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I'm the musical equivalent of driving a Sherman tank to work.