Hey, I want to pick up a new instrument, and the one thing that has always fascinated me is electronic music. I would love to make electro in the style of Sascha Ring, Paul Kalkbrenner (yeah, watched Berlin calling the other day) or Modwheelmood. What do I need for that and how expensive will it be? Do I just need a DAW and a controller? If so, what can you recommend?
I would get a controller, and I would recommend the M-Audio Axiom series. I own the 61 key and love it. Software, depending on what you prefer, and your budget, Pro Tools, Logic, or you could get away just fine with Garageband if you needed.
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I use Reason and a VM Keyboard (virtual midi keyboard).
Works fine for me.

Although the most appropriate would be what the first guy said. That's if you're really seriously into it, however.
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I don't waste time with it, I just program the notes in fl. Idk how to use daw or midi.
It's free if you just want the demo or know how to get it.

You can't even save with the demo. Please ignore this guy!
Buy yourself a Minimoog

Srsly, buy a decent used synth and get some free VSTis.

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